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Hands on Grief Therapy

We conduct sewing workshops for bereaved to work through their losses through sewing the angel gowns and apparel for other bereaved families. This sewing 101 program is suitable for those with no sewing experience.


Sewing 101 Program
Sat Afternoons 2pm – 6pm : 4 sessions over 4 months (4 hours per session)
Weekdays 10am – 2pm : 4 sessions in 2 months (4 hours per session)

Check here for 2019 schedules.


Structure of Sewing 101 Program
Session 1: Wraps
Session 2: Girl’s Angel Gown
Session 3: Boy’s Angel Gown
Session 4: Bonnets & Receiving Blankets


Requirements for shortlisting into program:
Must attend for ALL 4 sessions
Bring your own sewing machine for the sessions
After attending the sessions, you also agree to commit to sew 3 donors wedding gown kits within the next 6 months

Venue is subject to availability


In this program, you will be equipped with basic sewing techniques required to make the angel gowns, wraps and bonnets, it will be a hands on class, with personal guidance and homework to do, thus we require your commitment for at least 24 hours over 4 months – 16 hours face to face training and 8 hours homework time

You will also be required to bring your own sewing machine for the class.

After attending the classes, you also agree to be committed to sew 3 donors wedding gown kits within the next 6 months.


Please remember to bring along the following for every class:

  1. Sewing machine and manual
  2. Personal sewing kit
  3. Tutorial and pattern
  4. Material kits – Gown kits, wrap kits etc

To apply for the Sewing 101 program, email us with the following details:

Mobile number:
Weekday or weekend sessions?
Why do you want to join the sewing 101 program?

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