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Memorial Rosaries in memory of Elia (Batch 1)




Tina, a bereaved mother and devout Roman Catholic has reached out to us to share her story and how her faith helped her stay strong.

Elia gained her wings on Christmas 2017. She was 38 weeks and I was scheduled to deliver her the very next day. Elia was perfect in every way and her passing was totally unexpected. It was after she was delivered that we found her umbilical cord coiled tightly round her neck. That coupled with suspected cord compression caused my husband, sons and I to lose our only daughter and sister. We were and are still utterly devastated.

Being Catholics, we made the decision early on to cling on to our God and the grace, mercy and love that only He can give. We know that He shares our grief and cares for us. In our grief, we turned to the Holy Rosary for strength. Together with Leona of My Rosary Ministry, we created the Baby Elia Rosary Collection.
The Rosaries are especially for angel babies who have returned to the Lord as well as for babies and little ones who are fighting for their lives. They are also for parents of these sweet babies who need strength and a reminder that they are not alone.

Please join us to pray the Holy Rosary for all parents and their little ones.
Love, Tina

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Angel Hearts is a secular non profit organisation set up to bring comfort to bereaved families regardless of religious faith.
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These are distributed free to bereaved families. Please only request if you are a Roman Catholic. Not for resale.

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