Angel Gowns

Angel Gowns

The Angel Gowns Project

The angel gowns project is where Angel Hearts began, we started off with sewing angel gowns by repurposing preloved wedding gowns. From angel gowns, we now sew angel wraps, angel receiving blankets as well as bonnets. Our volunteers also crochet and loom knit beanies and make handmade cards for distribution to bereaved parents.


These angel items are then distributed free to our partner hospitals and funeral homes to be given free to bereaved families as part of their care process.

Currently we make the following :

Angel Gowns
(Boy, Girl)
16-18 weeks 18 -20 weeks 20-24 weeks 24-32 weeks 32 weeks to full term
Angel Wraps

(Boy, Girl,  Unisex)

8” size 10” size 12” size
Early losses 16 weeks onwards 20 weeks onwards
Angel Bonnets
(Boy, Girl)
MP / S M / L
From 16 weeks onwards From 24 weeks onwards
Angel Beanies

(Boy, Girl, Unisex)

From 16 weeks onwards From 18 weeks onwards From 20 weeks to full term
Angel Blankets
(Boy, Girl,  Unisex)
One size 24”


1. How to request an Angel Apparel?

Bereaved Individuals

While in the hospital
Please approach your ward manager or NICU manager for an angel gown, so far we have placed our angel items at the following hospitals:

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital
National University Hospital
Singapore General Hospital
Mount Alvernia
Thomson Medical Centre
Parkway hospital group which consists of Mount Elizabeth, Glenagles, Eastshore and Mount Novena

After you are discharged
Please drop us an email with the following information so that we can send you the items.

Mobile number:
Gestation week of baby :
Gender of baby:
Funeral date:
When do you need the items by:

If you are requesting on behalf of bereaved family, please also include your name and mobile number.

Overseas bereaved
We are currently unable to ship overseas due to the cost and timeliness of the postal system.


2. Hospitals & Funeral Homes

For replenishment of stock, please email us here.

For new requests, please email us here.

3. How to sew the angel gowns / apparel for us?

Please refer to this link

Angel Hearts