Volunteer with us!

If you like what we do and want to make a difference, Angel Hearts welcome YOU to volunteer with us!


p/s: You do not need to have sewing / crafting skills to make a difference, there are other areas which you can contribute.


Testimonials from Volunteers – Past and Present

“As I volunteer my skills to Angel Gowns, and help other families, I heal my own grief.”
– Jocelyn


“I’m grieving badly, I sew to keep myself busy. The sewing process is cathartic. Thank you Angel Hearts (Angel Gowns) for this opportunity to contribute.”
– Kristy


“There is so many things to learn in Angel Hearts. I joined to bless others but am blessed instead. Thank you to all the volunteers for teaching us to loom, crochet, sew angel gowns, making embellishment and so much more.“
– Felicia Chan


“Thanks to Angel Hearts with their strict QC requirements, have motivated me to improve my sewing skills so that I can contribute constructively”
– Fiona


“Thank you Angel Hearts for providing free sewing training, so that I can learn how to sew the angel gowns and pay it forward”
– bereaved mother


If you like what we do and want to make a difference, Angel Hearts welcome you to volunteer with us! Please download here to check out the various Volunteer Opportunities before signing up.



AH Youth (Young Volunteers)

In early 2019, we did a pilot study to introduce young volunteers to help out in our events and activities. To our surprise, we realised that young volunteers are open-minded, energetic, technology savvy, and enjoy participating in volunteer experiences within a social group.


The AH Youth is able to take away different knowledge during the volunteering. They faced different unforseen circumstances, techniques of sales and approach, creativity, passionate towards others and even build up their self confidence. Very often they able to share their volunteering views and experiences with their peers and teachers in school.


In Angel Hearts, the qualified young volunteers will be trained to manage workshops, fundraising in flea and handicraft works. At many occasions, the AH Youth are in great help to Angel Hearts especially during weekends and School Holiday.


“Never underestimate the energy from the Youth, they are Positive and often give us motivation too.”


  • Young volunteers must be at least 11 years old and volunteer with their parents.
  • Young volunteers above 13 years old must get the consent from their parents.
  • Our In charge (IC) will provide orientation and training to the young volunteers & parents for the first activity before qualifying them as AH Youth.