Volunteer with us!

If you like what we do and want to make a difference, Angel Hearts welcome YOU to volunteer with us! Check out the various volunteering opportunities below or download the PDF and complete the volunteer sign in form here, and we will get back to you.

p/s: You do not need to have sewing / crafting skills to make a difference, there are other areas which you can contribute.


Testimonials from Volunteers – Past and Present

“As I volunteer my skills to Angel Gowns, and help other families, I heal my own grief.” – Jocelyn

“I’m grieving badly, I sew to keep myself busy. The sewing process is cathartic. Thank you Angel Hearts (Angel Gowns) for this opportunity to contribute.” – Kristy

“There is so many things to learn in Angel Hearts. I joined to bless others but am blessed instead. Thank you to all the volunteers for teaching us to loom, crochet, sew angel gowns, making embellishment and so much more.“
– Felicia Chan

“Thanks to Angel Hearts with their strict QC requirements, have motivated me to improve my sewing skills so that I can contribute constructively” – Fiona

“Thank you Angel Hearts for providing free sewing training, so that I can learn how to sew the angel gowns and pay it forward” – bereaved mother


If you like what we do and want to make a difference, Angel Hearts welcome you to volunteer with us! Here are some volunteer roles available. A detailed listing of the volunteering opportunities can be downloaded here.


Sewist / Trainer – Angel Apparel Sewing
If you can sew using a sewing machine and can follow a paper pattern, volunteer as a home based sewist to sew the angel gowns and related apparel from the comfort of your home.

You can also apply as a sewing trainer if you have extensive sewing experience and willing to share your skills with new volunteers.


Crochet / Loom knit – Angel Beanies and Booties
If you can hold crochet/loom workshops and guide volunteers as well as being able to prototype, read and share patterns, QC completed items and correct items, join our loom knitting and crochet teams.


Crafter / Trainer – Sewn items, Crocheting, Jewellery, Card making, other craft skills.
If you love crafting , join our sewing crafters as they prototype and create new  items for fund raising. Be prepared to have your items Qc-ed before they are put up for sale.

Craft workshops trainers are also welcome to conduct workshops for our volunteers to improve their skills.


Volunteer Engagement
Have experience building up a volunteer community? We would love to have you take charge of volunteer engagement in our community.


Operations – Distribution
Be one of the drop off points for our volunteers for material distribution to be sewn as well as receive donations in kind from public. Currently we are looking for volunteers who can open up their homes in the city, Jurong area and Woodlands/Yishun area.


Operations – Packing
Help us launder, iron and pack the angel apparel for distribution islandwide.


Operations – Warehouse
Help us organise our warehouse stocks and keep track of completed items.


Fund raising – Flea
Like talking to people? Love handmade items? Be our cause advocate at our fleas and bazaars.


Event management – New role
Organise our monthly Angel Hearts meet ups including our annual remembrance day on Oct 15 (March to October)


Social Media
Take charge of our social media platforms including website, Facebook, Instagram and others and create ongoing campaigns to create awareness and call to action.


Online Selling Platforms
Run our online selling platforms including fulfilling orders on our webstore, Facebook shop, Etsy and other platforms.

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