Driven by an Unconventional Purpose by OBW


Driven by an Unconventional Purpose by OBW

Felicia had the opportunity to share our story about how Angel Hearts is making a difference in an unorthodox way with Our Better World yesterday. Read about what she shared here.

  1. You’ve found a unique way to volunteer to help others in Singapore. Did its unconventionality make the work more challenging?

From the start, we knew supplying burial gowns will be an uphill task as it is one of a kind in Singapore. When we first start knocked on hospital doors, they wondered if our gowns were really freewith no strings attached. We slowly established rapport with hospitals and we now reach out to all hospitals with NICU department.

  1. What is your WHY?

Personally, I had my own pregnancy losses. I miscarried twice and lost 3 angel babies (one was a twin pregnancy). Now I have my miracle boy.

Miscarriage and pregnancy loss can happen to anyone, but the question is, who is going to help bereaved couplegrieve their loss if they are expected to move on? Angel Hearts is a way of paying forward for others to receive help in whatever ways we can provide.

  1. What are your dreams for Angel Heart?

I have a personal dream to complete 100 angel gowns in a day to create a Guniness World Record to raise awareness for Angel Hearts. My volunteers pretended not to hear my ambitious plans but I have to rely on them as I am not a sewist.

For now we need a safe space to conduct Sewing 101 workshop for those who are keen to learn to sew or bereaved who wants to pay it forward by sewing. Just like in olden days where the “samsui” women carried things on their pole, we are carrying IKEA bags filled with fabric, materials and sometimes even sewing machine from place to place to teach sewing. So we needed sponsorshipin anyway and help whenever possible.

Audience: What is the motivation that keeps you going, obviously you faced up and down, challenges that you feel like giving up?

That is a very good question. Very often we feel like giving up when we face hurdles. However once a message comes in requesting for an angel gown, we jump into action, WhatsApping everyone in the group that who has a gown to give to.

Often there is a small window to take action as they need it in the next few hours or the next day. Not to mention, the need can arise anytime and more so on Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, festive season, where help might not be readily available. I guess, the universe does answer when you ask and that’s keep us going…

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